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Gender and inclusion

Weaver Advisory works with NGOs and government agencies to strengthen gender focus on development projects, promoting social inclusion of those who are most marginalized and vulnerable. Gender equality is achieved with equal rights, conditions, and same opportunities for women and men. 

Our commitment to equality and inclusion is also reflected in how we organize our company. Weaver's gender experts look at cultural issues and the dynamics between men and women.

What we are doing

Weaver Advisory is currently participating in a grant project to help promote gender equality in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The project advises NGOs and other companies that help promote women in the workplace. These organizations train, fund, advise, and support women of all economic backgrounds. It focuses on granting women stronger economic opportunities and entrepreneurship to keep them from the perils of illegal immigration. The goal is for women to help develop their own countries.

Our technical work includes:

  1. Advice on mainstreaming gender equality and social inclusion perspective at policies and projects. 

  2. Organizational change management approaches

  3. Inform needs assessments based on research and preparation of work plans and documents for gender project activities

  4. Advice on inclusive consultation and monitoring processes

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