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The more you learn, the more you thrive.

Weaver Learning brings Wall Street training experience to banks, organizations, and corporations worldwide. Our goal is to build leaders with top finance expertise and serve complex client needs across financial institutions.


Weaver created an exclusive learning methodology that was highly tested and worked on to bring the best experience to our trainees. We offer four standard training products, each with particularities and focused on specific objectives. Weaver can also deliver tailor-made solutions to entities looking for genuine Wall Street finance skills.

Tailor Made

According to the specifications of any individual business or sector.


Intensive courses for a quick fix or extensive training to solve complex learning problems.

Small Groups

Classes are offered in one-on-one or small group sessions, wherever you are in the world at the moment or online if you prefer.

Financial Forecast and the 3 Financial Statements

The core skills of this course are financial analysis and forecast. It teaches how to build stylized spreadsheet-based Pro-forma financials. Through this program, you will learn to draft a balance sheet, an income statement, and a statement of cash flows, weaving them all together.


4 days


In Person or Remote

Financial Analysis and Modeling for Private Equity

This advanced certificate program consists of two modules; The first part of the course applies Excel within a financial framework to explore how forecast models can be efficient and flexible. The second part details the best approaches to forecast models suitable for any analysis.


4 days


In Person or Remote

Advanced LBO Modeling

This course will develop the best practice to combine an appropriate capital structure with an operating model to determine whether the target business is a suitable investment opportunity for a PE investor.


3 days


In Person or Remote

Our standard trainings

Choose the best fit for you and your company


Finance for non-finance leaders

Finance for non-finance leaders is a course designed for C-level officers and senior managers that want to gain power in their relationships with other areas within the company and with peers, competitors, and other market players. You will gain power by boosting your finance knowledge and taking financial decisions with confidence, and a higher accuracy rate, regardless of advisors. This course is for those who need personalized attention.

Tailor-made programs

Personalized knowledge for your company's growth

Knowledge is key for any business to succeed. Weaver courses can be tailor-made for your organization.​ We have been training high-level professionals in the largest Wall Street banks and the best MBAs in the world.

Courses developed by elite instructors

Our instructors have trained professionals at top MBAs and the world's largest financial institutions. This experience allows us to offer proven methodologies and high-level content to teams of different sizes and expertise. Check below some of these institutions.

What your team can learn

M&A: DCF, APV, Multiples and Comparables. Cost of Capital: Wacc, Capm, Rd, Re, Rwacc. Banking structure: I-banking, PE, VC, Financial Statements: Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows and Balance Sheet. Financial Modelling on Excel with VBA. Investment Funds and Asset Management Funds.

Training Coordination

The Finance for Non-Financial Leaders program is designed by Bernardo Weaver. Mr. Weaver is a finance instructor to top investments banks and hedge funds in Wall Street and London (JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Black Rock, Citi Group and MUFG). Mr. Weaver teaches M&A as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business and Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business. Mr. Weaver is a Wharton MBA grad and holds an LLM from UConn Law, and a law degree from P.U.C. - Rio, in Brazil. He has been based in Washington DC for the past 20 years.

Companies that have trained with our team

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