Get to know some of the latest analyses published by the firm on topics ranging from M&A, equity research, and project finance. These pieces are both academic and business-oriented. Enjoy the reading.



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Companies that have worked with us

The firm is focused on international development, project finance, and Wall Street Advisory and

Training. Here are some of the firms that we have worked with over the past years

We take challenges and turn them into results

Our strategy is to serve our amazing clients extraordinary demands to deliver outstanding results.

We focus on equity research, project finance for infrastructure assets, financial modeling, financial training, international development projects, M&A, and PE advisory.

Developing Global Projects

WEAVER ADVISORY LLC has over 20 years of experience in PPPs, Project Finance, Capital

Markets, Insurance, Banking, Microfinance, and Microinsurance for International Development.

The firm has worked in deals in every country in Latin America, (except Cuba and Venezuela). It

has also led project implementation in French-speaking and Portuguese-speaking regions of

Africa. The firm has worked extensively in the Middle East, in former USSR, as well as China and India.