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Empowering organizations to achieve new climate action standards

Transforming the way businesses address climate change risks, market challenges, and innovation opportunities is our specialty at Weaver Climate Initiative. Through our creative solutions, we add value to your organization, aligning it with the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


We proudly align with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) target to reduce international shipping's carbon intensity by 40% by 2030. Join us in achieving climate neutrality in Latin America's logistical services.


Weaver Climate Initiative advises and certifies global tourism destinations, guiding them towards Net-Zero and Nature Positive Action. Join us in leading the change for a sustainable future.


Weaver Climate Initiative drives the transformation of the beverages industry through climate-smart value chain development and innovative, certified Climate Positive and Carbon Neutral beverages.


With agriculture responsible for 11% of global emissions, Weaver Climate Initiative supports agro-industries across sectors in adopting climate-smart agricultural practices.

As part of a new generation of businesses, we are driving disruptive change for a climate and nature positive planet. 

We understand the importance of balancing short-term growth with long-term shared prosperity. By partnering with Weaver Climate Initiative, you can be at the forefront of this crucial transition.

Get Certified

The New Climate Action Standard


Create Environmental Benefits

The Positive Certification recognizes organizations that not only achieve carbon neutrality but also actively creates environmental and climate benefits.

Take Action: Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Certify your organization as carbon neutral according to UN standards. Showcase your commitment to sustainability and join global leaders in combating climate change."

Dry Clay

Get Certified

Engage in our streamlined three-step process to ensure your business meets international trade standards, taking it to a new level of leadership in either carbon neutrality or climate positivity.

Go Green

Design your climate action

Enhance your performance by designing green products and services. Offer carbon neutral options and reward customers with a tree for their support. 

Go Green

Engage in ecosystems restorations

Discover how your business can actively sponsor ecosystems recovery, contribute to tree planting initiatives, and engage in climate positive action.

Go Green

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